Sagittarius Weekly Forecast
Thanks to the Moon's departure from your career sector on Sunday, you not only move into the new working week with an advantage from the start but just as you have reached a pivotal point in this professional year. This will ensure your professional instincts and imagination are fuelled and you are emotionally and intuitively engaged as the asteroid Juno turned direct here on Monday, taking the brakes off just as things are ready to surge forward on the job front. It was over the weekend and while the Moon was there that the Sun not only returned to your work sector but just as an alignment between Jupiter and Uranus here peaked. This is just starting to separate as you move into the new working week and for the first time since returning in May 2023, Jupiter is in front and leaving next month is ready to bring his quest for job growth and expansion home. Yet just as important will be the Moon's return to a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart on Wednesday as a Full Moon, something that can put how well you know when to keep your work hat on and when to take it off to the test.
The Sun may have left your romantic sector over the weekend and this may have taken the solar spotlight off matters of the heart, the spirit of romance is in safe hands and there is even more support on the way. Due to leave your romantic sector next Monday Venus, the planet of love is on a mission to make her remaining days here as romantically charged as possible, but she is also leaving room for future growth, knowing that she is just the warm up act. While Venus will be gone by the time Mars returns next week, they will miss each other by less than 48 hours, with the planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos returning to take over from where she leaves off. In the meantime, in his final days in retrograde motion here, Mercury is holding the doors open to the past. However, by the time Venus reaches her last weekend in your romantic sector Mercury will be back in direct motion, with heart and mind on the same page and both looking to the future. Mercury will also keep the seat warm in between when Venus leaves next Monday and Mars returns less than 48 hours later.

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