Taurus Daily Forecast
Wednesday 22 March 2023
Boundaries could be blurred, especially those connected to where you believe you stand with someone, and they believe they stand with you. So, widening communication lines may be timely and essential in clearing the air. But try to see how whatever appears selfish on either side is likely unintentional. An open, honest chat is the best and most effective way to remove assumptions.
During the first full day of the Sun's month wind down of your old solar year, Venus is not only already in Taurus, but her alignment with the asteroid Juno, the queen of commitment peaks. You are not only already looking to the future but with the resolve to follow your heart. Both crossed the North Node over the last few days, locking into its sense of direction and purpose. This is not only giving you a jump on your birthday month and new solar year weeks before it even begins but is helping to prepare for Jupiter's return in May to begin a new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion.
Just a day before the dwarf planet Ceres is due to retrograde back into your romantic sector, an alignment between Venus and the asteroid Juno in Taurus peaks. This is a coming together of the planet of love and the queen of commitment to give your heart the kind of resolve that can help you seize the moment when the doors open to the past and second chances tomorrow.
For some time, you may have felt progress reaches a specific point with matters of the heart and doesn't go beyond it. Whether solo or partnered, you could encounter an obstacle at a particular juncture. But do you think it's coincidental that this occurs when you need to be vulnerable or brave? A bit of courage summoned and applied now could cause that obstacle to crumble!
Halfway between the Moon’s departure from your career sector two days ago and Pluto’s return in two days, there is time to unpack and process a download of information, insights and messages that has allowed you to regroup and reset. This has also left you with your professional instincts and imagination fuelled as the dwarf planet Ceres reaches her last full day in your work sector and of her deep dive into your needs and priorities on the job front.

The closer Mars gets to leaving your income sector over the weekend the more you will find that you are drawn to fight for what you deserve. This won’t be limited to the money, with a sense of injustice never too far from the surface. This can be used to declare war on old excuses, roadblocks and barriers, whether real or imagined, clearing the way for the money to flow when Venus, the planet of money returns to your income sector next month.

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