With the Moon gone from your relationship sector the focus has shifted back to matters of the heart. With Venus just days away from joining Mars in your romantic sector there is already a growing sense of anticipation, while at the same time leaving you with some important insight and emotional responses to decipher on the relationship front.
The Moon's first visit to your relationship sector since Jupiter's return to Taurus might be pushing some buttons but the timing couldn't be better. It is a clash with Mercury that after nearly two months in your sign is giving the planet of communication a push to ensure there is no complacency. This is the push that can get the communication lines open.
In between the Moon's departure from your romantic sector yesterday and its return to your relationship sector tomorrow, there is a chance to pause but also to hold onto the spirit of romance. With the Moon returning tomorrow as a Full Moon your relationships are about to get your full attention, with a chance first to capture the spirit of romance before it dissipates.
As the Moon makes its only visit to your romantic sector while Venus, the planet of love is in Cancer, a friendly aspect to planets on the adventurous front is bringing the spirit of romance and adventure together. This is the same aspect that Venus is making to dreamy Neptune there, with today's romantically charged lunar vibes amplifying what is already there.
A clash between the Moon and Mercury might create some work/life balance tension today but it is the right reminder at the right time. This is a chance to flush out any work/life balance issues while using the Moon's intuitive and Mercury's intellectually savvy edge to find ways to work smarter. Ahead of the Moon's return to your romantic sector tomorrow and the most romantically charged Full Moon of 2023, this couldn't be more important.
The same planets that the Moon clashed with in your relationship sector as it moved through Virgo earlier in the week it is now forming a friendly aspect to. It is a friendly aspect between the Moon and Saturn that is not only making it easier to give your emotional responses and relationships a voice but to take this seriously.
The Moon's departure from Libra yesterday has taken the pressure off the remaining planets in your relationship sector, while at the same time leaving you with a better sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. With the Moon not only returning to your communication sector tomorrow but as a Full Moon, there is a chance coming up to give this a voice.
The Moon's first visit to Scorpio since Jupiter returned to your relationship sector might be pushing some buttons, but here for the next 12 months, these monthly visits are key to maintaining the right balance between your personal and relationship needs. With Mercury, the planet of communication leaving your relationship sector next week, a clash with the Moon could be the push needed to get the communication lines open.
The Moon's departure from your friendship sector yesterday did more than just leave you feeling more emotionally engaged. A friendly aspect to the Sun in your relationship sector wrapped up an important few days for friendship and relationship building while allowing you to move forward with confidence ahead of a Full Moon over the weekend that could shake things up.
Jupiter reaches the heart of the lunar nodes with his alignment with the North Node in your romantic sector peaking today. The North Node is an eye into the future and in the early days of your luckiest year for love in over a decade, this is a glimpse into what's possible. This comes just as the Moon is challenging old excuses.
Life may have become a lot busier and more professionally focused, but the Moon's departure from an adventurous part of your chart yesterday and its friendly aspect to the Sun in your romantic sector has left behind something that needs to be captured. The key to holding onto the spirit of romance and adventure is having the right work/life balance.
The Moon's only visit to an adventurous part of your chart while Venus, the planet of love is in your romantic sector is already bringing the spirit of romance and adventure together. While the Moon and Venus won't move into a friendly aspect until tomorrow, this is amplifying what was already there and just waiting for the right trigger. This is helping to get the most out of Venus' final days in your romantic sector.

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