Cancer Daily Forecast
Friday 30 September 2022
The reassurance we feel when we discover we were wise not to give up on something is unique. But it can also be a strange mix of relief and foolishness, especially if we know we paid more attention to our heads than our hearts. But the only thing that matters is that we didn't give up. A pleasing result speaks for itself. I think that's something you can relate to now or very soon.
A day after Ceres' departure from your income sector ended all planetary activity on the income side of the financial fence, the other side is becoming more empowered by the day. This allows you to move forward with confidence when it comes to your income needs and priorities while feeling more empowered when it comes to taking your financial power back. Meanwhile, the Moon's return to your work sector kicks off a positive few days on the job and career fronts.
In the final hours of the Moon's last visit to your romantic sector before the Sun and Venus, the planet of love return next month it is more important than ever to embrace these romantically charged lunar vibes. While the Moon returns every four weeks when it returns next month it will not only be as a solar eclipse but to find Venus, the planet of love here and the most romantically charged weeks of 2022 underway.
The romantic theme is 'selfless service' to a lover or potential sweetheart. You will undoubtedly have more than one idea to show a lover or someone special how much they mean to you. Giving without expectation is something you often do, but it's cosmically supported now. But remember that going above the call of duty might not be as powerful as one thoughtful, heartfelt gesture.
What a difference a few days can make. Having started the week at odds with all three planets in your career sector, the Moon's return to your work sector today puts them back in harmony. Starting with a friendly aspect to lucky Jupiter in your career sector, this kicks off a positive few days across the job and career fronts.
For the first time since Mercury's return to your income sector, there is no planetary activity on this side of the financial fence after Ceres left yesterday. Yet while the money gods have shifted all their resources to the other side of the financial fence you have been left with a sense of where the money is and more importantly of your needs and priorities.

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