Cancer Daily Forecast
Wednesday 22 March 2023
We know what can happen to “best-laid plans.” You could experience that kind of frustration, but probably not due to anything that's your fault. Someone, in particular, could drop the proverbial ball with a promise or commitment. So, if a plan or schedule must be stuck to, make that clear from the outset. That's how you'll keep hassle or stress at bay - especially yours!
The Moon not only returns to your career sector during the Sun's first full day but as a New Moon. A New Moon can give things the green light and while it is creating a lot of motivation and momentum just as the solar spotlight has moved onto your career and professional situation, matters and options, this is something you have been preparing for since Jupiter returned last May. A second New Moon next month makes this more the first step to get things moving. Meanwhile, while the Sun and Moon have left an adventurous part of your chart there are planets that are staying on to keep a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure alive.
A day after the Sun left an adventurous part of your chart the Moon follows suit, but while these adventurous solar and lunar vibes have run their course support for the spirit of romance and adventure remains. Rather than wane this is likely to deepen and in the heart of the working week and as the professional focus deepens, when it comes to the spirit of romance and adventure a sense of resolve is developing.
A shared focus blended with determination could be the glue that binds you and someone. That doesn't necessarily mean your relationship would be dull if you didn't have this mutual interest or shared aspiration! However, you could be reminded of the sense of pride and enhanced trust you feel for someone by partnering up outside your emotional sphere. Both look set to grow, too.
The Moon not only returns to your career sector during the Sun's first full day here but as the first of two New Moons that will bookend his month long visit. While this is still an opportunity for new beginnings and will give the momentum building so far this professional year the green light, knowing that there will not only be a second New Moon next month but as a solar eclipse, takes away the pressure of having to get it right the first time.
Halfway between the Moon's departure from your financial sector two days ago and Pluto's return in two days, there is a chance to take care of any financial housekeeping. This first visit since Saturn left was more about putting closure to his three year financial boot camp, with a chance to take responsibility for tying up loose ends or taking where need be. This will set you free for new beginnings when the planet of change and revolution returns.

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