Aquarius Daily Forecast
Wednesday 30 November 2022
Everyone has expectations regarding what we want and need from those closest to us. When these needs are met, everything is peaceful and manageable. But alarm bells can ring - and often unfairly - if someone appears to no longer be the same person we have always known them to be. Someone important to you could be in the throes of change. It's important for you to understand that.
In a case of perfect timing, the Moon not only returns to your income sector in the heart of the working week but on the same day that Jupiter moves into his final three weeks here. It was only late last month that Jupiter retrograded back in for a double dip visit but just six days after turning direct he is on his way out. However, with the Moon returning to sharpen your nose for money and act as a trigger, there is a lot that the planet of luck and expansion can do in 21 days. Especially as Jupiter is now travelling over the same ground for the third time.
As the Moon leaves Aquarius today, this will not only leave you more emotionally engaged but after a friendly aspect to Mars in your romantic sector yesterday, with a better read on the doors open to the past and second chances and support to push through roadblocks and barriers, whether real or imagined. This comes just as Mars' clash with Mercury is also challenging old excuses.
If dull or repetitive routines hamper your passionate progress, these can be addressed and resolved now. Something stronger intellectually could also develop between you and someone which might suit you just fine. But whether you're solo or partnered, a new, sexy encounter can happen by applying a smidgen of spontaneity where you know it has been needed!
With more than enough professional momentum banked and no big changes on the job and career fronts between now and the end of the year, there is a chance to move forward with confidence, trusting that what you can see is what you will get. This is freeing things up to focus on the money, with the Moon returning to your income sector today to guide lucky Jupiter into his final three weeks here.
In a case of perfect timing, the Moon not only returns to your income sector today but in time to guide Jupiter into his final three weeks here. This first visit since Jupiter's direct turn last week is also the last before he leaves and with Neptune turning direct over the weekend, the Moon returns to ensure your nose for money is sharp as the tide turns and the push to bring this financial year home begins.

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