Aquarius Daily Forecast
Tuesday 05 March 2024
Drama permeating your world could be ruthlessly persistent, so don't believe running from it gets you off the hook. But pause briefly to ask yourself if you've 'been here before' with whatever tension tries to manifest. Chances are, you have been, so cast your mind back to what you learned last time. Draw upon this to share wisdom and offer support. A mountain could soon be seen as the molehill it is.
It is just as Venus moves into her final seven days in Aquarius that a friendly aspect between Mars here and the South Node in an adventurous part of your chart peaks. This comes just as Venus is separating from the same aspect as both she and Mars are fuelling a sense of what's possible from the coming year, this is giving you the confidence to embrace the journey. This is giving you the confidence to follow your heart and the things that you are excited, passionate or just curious about while throwing out the rulebook.
As Venus, planet of love moves into her final seven days in Aquarius, she has reached the stage where she is tying up the loose ends of your romantic and relationship desires and expectations for the coming year. The Moon has already made its monthly visit to your romantic and relationship sectors while Venus is here, with your heart having already stored away all the insight it needs. It is now all about trusting your heart.
Emotions are your ally now, not your enemy, as the Moon profoundly affects your dreams and subconscious. Looking to the past could help you identify what you keep under lock and key due to the disappointment or emotional pain it caused. But if you feel exposed or vulnerable, welcome it. It could be the first step to releasing emotional baggage that's heavier than you thought.
The Moon's departure from your career sector over the weekend may have wrapped up what was an ordinary monthly visit, as the only visit while the Sun is in your income sector this has left you with a sense of professional direction that you can continue to refer back to. As well as leaving you with your professional instincts sharp this has helped to turn any recent financial tension into motivation.
After 10 days, tension between your two money houses not only starts to wane but there could be a real turnaround. In his final days in your income sector and with his smart head for money to draw on Mercury is already turning this into motivation. Meanwhile, the Moon's return to an intuitive and imaginative part of your chart puts it in harmony with the planets on the other side of the financial fence, something that over the coming days can fuel your financial confidence and imagination.
Relaxation, inner harmony, and balance are important factors for your health. Avoid any extreme conduct, whether it’s over-eating, becoming unnecessarily agitated or pleasure-seeking activities. If you do exercise, choose a technique that's comprehensive and uses natural rhythm. Tai Chi instead of a tedious treadmill.

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