Leo Daily Forecast
Thursday 23 May 2024
Want to stand out from the crowd? That's easy—add a dash of personal flair! With the Moon and Venus connecting, being 'all business' won't cut it. But you don't have to be a clown, either. If you're meeting a potential client, do something you know no one else would. And if the vibe isn't right for a hard sell, no problem. Building goodwill now will make a later pitch smoother.
The last thing that the Moon will do before leaving your home and family sector today is clash with all three planets in your career sector and the timing couldn't be better. This is something that every four weeks throughout Jupiter's 12 month transit through your career sector has put your work/life balance to the test, something that has been important personally and professionally. However, with Venus and Jupiter aligned during their final hours together but a Full Moon in a playful and creative part of your chart underway by the end of the day, having the right work/life balance couldn't be more important.
The Moon not only returns to your romantic sector today but as a Full Moon. This will give these romantically charged lunar vibes a lot more potency, but it is teaming up with Mars in an adventurous part of your chart that will be more than a match for not just the working week but an important day professionally. This will bring together a mix of romance, passion and adventure and may even spark a sense of rebellion on what is also a powerful day for friendship and relationship building.
With Venus enticing Jupiter, you've got the power to make things happen as you want them to. Feeling confident? Your charisma is off the charts, so don't wait around for someone else to make the first move. Take the reins, Leo, and watch as the world becomes your romantic kingdom. Your passionate destiny is in your hands – or paws.
That Venus is spending her last day in your career sector aligned with Jupiter is not only making this one of the most auspicious days of this professional year but with a chance to leave a lasting legacy. While Jupiter will be gone by the end of the week as well, Mars has yet to return while a host of planets across the income, work and career fronts are standing by to keep the wheels turning.
After a friendly aspect to Saturn in your financial sector yesterday, the Moon is following this up with the same aspect to dreamy Neptune there today. While this is something that will continue to fuel your financial confidence and imagination, where yesterday was a chance to tap into Saturn's sense of resolve, today is more a chance to revisit your financial dreams, hopes and wishes.
If you’ve had any disagreements, counter your uneasy feelings with some rest. You accomplish this best by looking after yourself, the important thing is a feel-good-factor and not extreme escapism. Instead of exhaustive bench pressing and treadmills allow yourself a sports massage or sauna as a relaxing alternative.

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