Leo Daily Forecast
Saturday 02 December 2023
The Moon whoops it up in Leo, making you the star of the show. Much might feel like an emotional rollercoaster ride with you in the front seat as Luna and Mars, affecting leisure and pleasure, get together. So, dive into artistic whims and let your muse run wild. Forget sticking to what's familiar with heartfelt expression – your creativity knows no boundaries at any time, especially now!
For Mercury, his departure from a playful and creative part of your chart and return to your busy work sector today is a change in focus, but it is a shift that he will make several times over the next two months. In three weeks, Mercury will shift back to the other and will end the end in a playful and creative part of your chart, only to return to your work sector for a second time in January. At a time when both sides of life's fence are set to become a lot more active, Mercury is helping you to get the most out of while also balancing both.
Mercury might leave your romantic sector today, but it is not only after spending three weeks giving your heart a voice and putting heart and mind on the same page but with the promise that it will be back. It is a retrograde turn that will see Mercury return in three weeks and in time for Christmas, while the Moon's return to Leo will give the planets staying on a boost.
Your heart is as big as your personality, Leo. You can harness your thoughtful nature to create amazing surprises for a lover or potential sweetheart now. The Moon and the Sun are your allies, sparking your awesome creativity. So, dream up unique ways to show love through acts of kindness. Get creative and see how you make a lover or partner feel truly cherished!
One of the last things that the Moon will do before leaving a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart today will be its monthly clash with Pluto in your work sector. This is key to checking that you know when to keep your work hat on and when to take it off, but the difference this time is that it comes just as Mercury returns to your work sector to begin the process of bringing things home.
Two days before the Moon is due to return for its last visit to your income sector for the year, Mercury makes a timely return to your work sector. This will give Mercury a few days to settle in before the Moon not only returns but during the early days of next week will connect with him and the rest of the planets across the income, work and career fronts that are lined up and ready to take you into the final weeks of this year and line things up for next year.
You’re composed, relaxed and possess a sensible attitude towards your fitness. Little prevents you from pushing yourself to the limit, and you're able to handle energetic activities where you show extraordinary resilience and strength. You appear to be totally unconcerned about the future - be prepared for changes.

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