Scorpio Daily Forecast
Friday 19 July 2024
Skip the small talk, Scorpio. Today is Dive Into The Deep End Day. You crave meaningful connections, so seek those who match your intellectual intensity. That shy person? They might be a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. Dig deeper, ask the right questions, and you can unlock a friendship that's pure gold. Life's too short for shallow conversations. Go deep or go home!
While the Moon is wrapping up its ordinary monthly visit to your income sector and at a point in the year when all the planetary activity is on the other side of the financial fence, its final hours will see things come together on the income, work and career fronts that could have long term implications. A friendly aspect to Mercury and Venus in your career sector and to both planets in your work sector comes just as they are already joining forces. As things start coming together professionally, the Moon is going to leave you with an intuitive sense of where the money is.
It is just as Mars moves into his final two days in your relationship sector and just days after they clashed, the Moon not only returns to your communication sector but to begin the lead up to the weekend's Full Moon. It was just two days ago that they clashed but with a chance to move into Mars' final days with the communication lines open and a chance to give anything flushed out earlier in the week a voice.
Craving sweet words from your lover? Don't fish for compliments; be direct about your need for affirmations instead of hoping they'll read your mind. Spell out your desires and watch how your relationship world transforms. Communication is the key to unlocking deeper intimacy, so drop the cryptic hints. Ask for the love you deserve and enjoy the security that comes with it.
While Mercury moves into his final seven days in your career sector today, he will still be here when the Sun returns in three days, something that will always see the solar spotlight shift onto your career and professional situation, matters and options at this time of year. Yet between now and then a lot of water is set to pass under the bridge, with the Moon giving you a window into what is already developing across the income, work and career fronts.

Before leaving your income sector today, the Moon is spending its final hours at a friendly aspect to Mercury in your career sector and to both planets in your work sector. With the stars already aligned on the job and career fronts, two days before Mars’ return to your financial sector will shift the focus to the other side of the financial fence, this is giving the income side a much needed boost.

If your mind is racing, managing to get a grip on yourself is important before this feeling becomes a permanent mindset. Maybe you’re suffering from a build-up of stress or a problem that’s difficult to resolve. It might only be because of over-tiredness. Whatever it is, if you know the cause, you’re able to counter it.

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