Virgo Daily Forecast
Wednesday 30 November 2022
You've likely heard that a tornado can be caused by a butterfly fluttering its wings. Even if it's a myth, we know a minor adjustment made to something can set off a transformational wave. Think of how visible that wave is when you simply touch one of the thousands of dominoes uniformly spaced apart. A seemingly small action could make a significant difference in your world now, too.
Right in the heart of not just the working week but one of the most powerful weeks of the year on the job and career fronts, the Moon returns to your relationship sector in time to guide Jupiter into his final three weeks here. In a case of perfect timing, this comes just as Mercury and Mars clash, something that could put your work/life balance to the test but at a time when this couldn't be more important. Moving into some important days on the relationship front, in the heart of a busy working week, this makes work/life balance more important than ever.
Just six days after turning direct in your relationship sector Jupiter moves into his final three weeks here, with the Moon's return today a case of perfect timing. This is a chance to ensure you are emotionally engaged as you look to the future but also while Neptune, in his final days in retrograde motion here also has doors open to the past.
You're assisted in having a more unbiased and maybe even philosophical perspective on matters of the heart now. This means looking ahead rather than getting passionate plans underway immediately. You might also discover that approaching love more thoughtfully rather than impatiently widens the scope of what you and someone can discover or experience as a pair.
The Moon might leave your work sector today but a friendly aspect between Saturn here and Mars in your career sector will not only continue but won’t even peak until tomorrow. In the heart of the working week this is giving you a read on some powerful forces that have come together on the job and career fronts. This can also help you manage any work/life balance issues that are starting to creep in.

Jupiter only turned direct six days ago but already he is on his way back to your financial sector and today is just three weeks away from returning. The Moon’s return in two days will give you a better read on the planets that are already preparing for his return and the support that is already building.

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