Virgo Daily Forecast
Wednesday 22 March 2023
Is choosing not to make a decision the same as making a decision? Hmmm. Being non-committal could be a source of frustration now. You may have what feel like valid reasons for remaining on a fence. But these need to be conveyed to someone or others. If they want or need you on board with something, speaking up opens communication lines that can help with that decision!
The Moon's departure from your relationship sector will always leave you feeling more emotionally engaged and in Saturn and Neptune's first full day on their own after the Sun left yesterday, the timing couldn't be better. These are the planets that will work as a team for the next three years, with Saturn working to keep things real while working with Neptune to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes in order to turn the dream into reality. It is then that the Moon will join the Sun in his first full day in your work sector as a New Moon, giving everything building for months now the green light.
A day after the Sun left your relationship sector, taking the solar spotlight off your relationships the Moon leaves. However, not before staying on to spend time with Saturn and Neptune, the planets that will remain here and will work as a team for the next three years. This leaves you emotionally engaged and with a better sense of the dynamics in play on the relationship front.
Love and particularly intimacy could be at risk of becoming routine-like. In some ways, you might appreciate the comfort zone created - or one in the process of being created. But you might also be aware of how you swap spontaneity for comfort. Magic, can't manifest without being granted the spontaneous freedom it needs. You can nip in the bud now whatever has become repetitive.
With Pluto just two days away from his first visit to your work sector in our lifetime and Mars three days away from ending his longest visit to your career sector in three years, their paths are due to briefly pass. This will be an opportunity for a handover, with the warrior planet of the cosmos pushing the envelope as much as possible professionally and then letting the planet of change and revolution take it from here on the job front. Change is in the air.

The Moon not only returns to your financial sector during the Sun’s first full day but as the first of two New Moons that will bookend his month long visit. The solar spotlight has only just shifted onto your financial situation and money matters but as you take in all the water that has already passed under the bridge there is a chance to draw a new line in the sand, knowing you can have a do over in four weeks.

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