Libra Daily Forecast
Wednesday 22 March 2023
You could create a rigid schedule or plan and be equally rigid about ensuring it's stuck to. However, you can reduce stress levels by being more flexible and accommodating. You may also deal with circumstances that won't be steered. The tighter you grasp proverbial reins, the more frustrated you could become. So, go with the flow - and smile. That's not lazy or irresponsible; it's helpful.
Just as Saturn and Neptune are spending their first full day on their own in your work sector after the Sun left yesterday, the Moon wraps up its monthly visit. This wraps up a visit while the Sun was here and the focus was on the short term but then pivoted on to the planets that are here and will remain working as a team for the next three years. This leaves you with an intuitive read on both the next steps to take and the journey that you have now embarked on. Meanwhile, the Moon joins the Sun in his first full day in your relationship sector as a New Moon, making this a day for new beginnings.
The Moon not only returns during the Sun's first full day in your relationship sector but as the first of two New Moons that will bookend this month long visit. The solar spotlight has only just shifted onto your relationships when a New Moon brings a chance for new beginnings and to draw a new line in the sand. However, with so much water having already passed under the bridge you are ready for this.
I don't think anybody has seen someone constantly talk until they're “blue in the face.” You might believe you've stated your case or made a request to a lover or potential flame enough times. But pause briefly to ask yourself if what you say or convey tips a bit too much toward you. Somebody might need reassurance that you consider them more than you appear to.
A day after the Sun left your work sector, taking the solar spotlight off your work situation and job matters, the Moon wraps up its monthly visit. The Moon was here during the Sun’s final 24 hours but also stayed on to give you an intuitive read on the planets that will be the engine powering things on the job front for the next three years. This is when things change gear from less foot on the gas and onto keeping things on a steady course.

As an alignment between Venus and the asteroid Juno in your financial sector peaks, there is a chance to embrace the confidence and resolve this is creating. The planet of money and the queen of commitment have come together after having both just crossed the North Node, linking a sense of resolve with its sense of financial direction. Venus only returned five days ago but already this is raising the bar on your expectations.

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