Libra Daily Forecast
Saturday 02 December 2023
The Moon is happy and comfortable highlighting your long-term goals while high-fiving Mars, adding energy to your friendships and community. If you need a golden ticket to enjoy a night out with friends, you have one! Work or work thoughts can wait because tonight is all about enjoying the company of pals or besties if you can do it. You don't need a wild night to have a fantastic time.
Apart from the Sun, the only two planets that will make any shifts this year are Venus and Mercury, but only one will end the year in a different place than where they are now. As she moves into her final three days in your career sector, Venus is wrapping up all planetary activity in either of your two professional houses for the year by asking that you listen to your heart. Meanwhile, while Mercury will leave your communication sector today the planet of communication will still end the year here, thanks to a retrograde turn that will see him back here in three weeks. Until then, Mercury will shift his resources onto the home front.
It is just as tension between Venus, the planet of love in Libra and planets in your relationship sector is dropping back that Mercury leaves your communication sector today. The planet of communication will be before Christmas and he leaves behind a team of planets that can keep the communication lines open including Mars, whose war on communication barriers is just getting started.
The love gods remind you that healthy relationships inspire growth and support. So, think about fun documentaries for your next movie night or cook up a new dish with someone you love. Your Libran adaptability can add a dose of magic to your emotional world or a special bond. Embrace new mind-broadening experiences and allow them to help love form or flourish.
As the Moon leaves your career sector today, as it does with each monthly visit this will leave you with your professional instincts and imagination fuelled and a download of information to unpack. Knowing that the Moon will return later in the month as a Full Moon makes it important not to rush this. With Neptune spending the weekend at a standstill ahead of his direct turn in your work sector next week, this brings a call to pause.

Three days before Venus, the planet of money is due to return to your income sector to begin what she will be working to make the most lucrative weeks of the year, the Moon wraps up its monthly visit to your career sector. As well as leaving you with your professional instincts and imagination fuelled, this has been a chance to get your professional just as Neptune’s direct turn in your work sector is set to take the brakes off work and job matters just after Venus returns.

Both mind and body are in perfect harmony; you feel fully fit. Don’t overdo your exercise regime, what seems to be a logical amount of activity doesn’t always correspond to your energy level. Too much strenuous exercise can lead to problems, so take control, be cautious and employ some firm discipline.

In Tune With The Universe