Pisces Daily Forecast
Wednesday 22 March 2023
Don't let others' confusion hold you back from taking an ambitious step that makes sense to you. Whether they sit indecisively on a fence or come up with seemingly valid reasons to do nothing, their apathy or pessimism mustn't rub off on you. You appear to be laying the foundations for success in your own way and time. So, continue to be the captain of your destiny without distractions!
Having the Moon in Pisces as the Sun left yesterday, not only ensured you were emotionally and intuitively engaged in the final hours of your birthday month but as it ended and the focus shifted onto Saturn and Neptune, who are here now for the next three years. As the Moon leaves this will give you a better read on both the course that this new solar year naturally wants to take and also of the planets that are staying on to not only keep the momentum going but in a way that is giving you the resolve to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes in order to turn dreams into reality.
Change is in the air on both the romantic and relationship fronts that is out of place for this time of year yet is very real. With the dwarf planet Ceres returning to your relationship sector tomorrow and Mars to your romantic sector over the weekend, your relationships will soon be back in the spotlight while the romantic drought is just days away from ending.
A particular balance in a budding or an existing connection could tip more toward someone else and their needs than you. Yet, you can offer valuable input and support that benefits someone close initially but certainly doesn't exclude you. Once a collaboration or partnership moves further down the line, a fairer distribution of who does what will happen – and probably naturally.
As the Moon not only returns to your income sector during the Sun’s first full day but as a New Moon, even the professional gods know that this is a day for having your money hat on. At a time when it is all about trusting your professional instincts, this is a chance to either seize any immediate income opportunities or to use this as an opportunity to draw a new line in the sand.

The Moon not only returns to your income sector during the Sun’s first full day but as one of the two New Moons that will bookend his month long visit. After Mercury returned over the weekend, as a sharp nose and head for money come together so too does a chance to draw a new line in the sand and as the income potential building all year gets the green light.

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