Gemini Daily Forecast
Wednesday 24 April 2024
Today's Full Moon offers a chance to get what you've been saying for some time you were going to get—'a round tuit.' Recent distractions may have made it difficult or impossible to give one or two matters the close attention they need. So, you probably told yourself and others not to worry because, soon, you would get a round tuit. Well, the Full Moon pushes you to finally get around to it!
Dominating things today is a Full Moon in your financial sector, something that might come at you from out of the blue. This is a Full Moon that will always fall at some point during the Sun's month long visit to your income sector, but as he only returned four days ago and the Moon will return as a near fully formed Full Moon, this might catch you off guard. Two days before Jupiter is due to move into the final month of his 12 month quest for financial growth and expansion, this is a chance to energise both sides of the financial fence.
As the Moon leaves your romantic sector this will make way for a busier turn and where you may have been able to hold the working week at bay until now, that is likely to change. Yet just as important is holding onto the spirit of romance and especially as this was a window into the South Node's influence and to support this will continue to give matters of the heart.
The Full Moon casts its luminous glow over your sexuality and the benefits of deep bonding. So, shed inhibitions and boldly express your deepest desires to one lucky person. Don't hold back, Aries - your wildest dreams could become reality! Single? Why not create a vivid picture of your ideal partner? Let your imagination run wild, see what effort brings and watch the magic unfold.
Right in the heart of the working week, the Moon not only returns to your work sector but will burst onto the scene as a Full Moon. While this is something that can always jumpstart or energise work and job matters, returning just as Mars moves into his final seven days in your career sector is a chance for this to piggyback off the professional momentum the warrior planet of the cosmos is already creating.

Even the money gods are encouraging you to keep your money hat off today, in favour of having your work hat on instead. With the first planetary activity on the income front this year less than two months away, a Full Moon in your work sector on the same day that Mars moves into his final seven days in your career sector is a chance to first get things moving professionally.

With plenty of activities and responsibilities building up for you, it’s important to go easy on yourself and always remember your body is not always able to cope with an endless workload. A change of is good for you; use free time for an extended fitness or relaxation program to reinvigorate your mind and body.

In Tune With The Universe