Gemini Daily Forecast
Wednesday 30 November 2022
Anyone who has purchased a flat-packed item from a certain Swedish retailer knows how annoying, if not useless, instructions can be. To read them, you need excellent vision. There will be issues with English translation, too. Fortunately, logic can help you assemble the confusing, confounded item. Similarly, logic might come to your rescue with something that seems unclear or illogical now!
While Jupiter only turned direct six days ago, after retrograding back out of Aries at the end of last month he is now just three weeks away from returning. The Moon's return in two days will bring a chance to check in and get a better read on the planets preparing for his return. Until then, as the Moon returns to a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart to guide Jupiter on his way home and with the planet of luck and expansion still barely moving, this is a chance to pause.
Mercury becomes the first planet to clash with Mars since his return to your sign in August and it comes just as he moves into his final seven days in your relationship sector. This is just the first of three times a balance between your personal and relationship needs will be put to the test over the next 10 days, with the planet of communication able to get out in front of this.
The Moon encourages you to take a step back, put yourself in another's shoes, and evaluate your emotional world or a love relationship from a distance. You might experience less stress and emerge from this 'you time' feeling more upbeat. So, don't underestimate the power of reflective time on offer to you. You could be surprised at what it reveals.
Just having the Moon return to your career sector in the heart of the working week would always be an advantage, but it returns today in time to guide Jupiter into his final three weeks here. Jupiter only returned direct last week but with Neptune turning direct over the weekend as well, the Moon returns to fuel your professional instincts and imagination and ensure you are emotionally and intuitively engaged as the pull to bring this professional year home begins.

Two days after the Moon left your financial sector it is more important than ever to hold onto the intuitive read on money matters that this left you with. With Mercury just seven days away from a return next week that will keep him and his smart head for money in your financial sector through to February, money matters are about to become a lot more active.

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