Gemini Daily Forecast
Saturday 02 December 2023
You're helped to rewrite the script regarding a commitment or relationship. The Moon affecting communication links with Mars, influencing one-to-one connections. So, a dynamic duo based on more understanding and a stronger spirit of collaboration could result. With business, romance or friendship, you and someone can be a power couple working in fabulous synergy.
Mercury is the first of two planets on the move over the next three days and this will have implications on the final month of this professional year. It is Mercury's return to your career sector nearly three weeks ahead of the Sun's return that gives you a chance to start getting your head in the game. This is the first step towards both bringing this professional year home and lining up for the next, but Mercury already has the brakes on ahead of retrograde turn in 11 days that will see him retrograde back out 10 days later, to return again in the new year. This will give you time to explore your options without any pressure or urgency.
What a difference a few days can make. A week that began with a Full Moon in Gemini that was putting pressure on the Sun, Mars and the dwarf planet Ceres in their early days in your relationship sector, turns around when the Moon returns to your communication sector today. A friendly aspect to Ceres and Mars brings a chance to give anything flushed out earlier in the week a voice.
Share your feelings and let a lover, potential flame or partner see the creative, quirky side of you. The Moon's emotional boost and the Sun's passion mix things up beautifully. Sharing your vulnerabilities can be a gateway to deeper trust and a closer connection with your lover. You'll be surprised at how liberating it feels to open up. Carrying emotional weights really is optional.
With Neptune at a standstill as he heads into his last weekend in retrograde motion in your career sector and Venus still three days away from your work sector, there is a chance to hold back until after the weekend. With Neptune’s direct turn set to take the remaining brakes off this professional year two days after Venus returns to bring things home on the job front, even the professional gods are encouraging you to keep your work hat off over the weekend.

Mercury’s return to your financial sector is small in terms of what is set to unfold over the next two months but is huge when it comes to setting things in motion. As well as returning with the smart head for money needed to get your head in the game and to think on your feet, this is the first step towards not only bringing this financial year home but just as Pluto, the planet of change and revolution moves into his final seven weeks here.

Don’t push your body too hard, put your feet up instead. This doesn’t mean to kick back and do absolutely nothing, just ease up on recreational activity, and don’t make yourself so tired every day. Make available a period for your total well-being, allow your mind and body to have plenty of relaxation and fresh air.

In Tune With The Universe