Capricorn Daily Forecast
Wednesday 22 March 2023
Something may need to be done behind the scenes or away from prying eyes. So, that may mean distancing yourself from others. As is often the case, we arouse others' suspicions when we detach ourselves, and that might be something you deal with. But explaining your need could keep tension at bay. It might not guarantee it won't wait for you later, but “you time” may be a justifiable priority now.
A brief clash between the Moon, when it returns to your home and family sector as a New Moon and the dwarf planet Ceres, in her last full day in your career sector might create some work/life balance tension but with perfect timing. While Ceres will be using this to fill in the final pieces of her mission to better understand your professional needs and priorities and the momentum on the home front is too strong to be negatively impacted, in Mars' final days in your work sector this is a call to work smarter. Especially as Mars will be trying to pack as much into these final days as possible.
Just days before Mars is not only due to return to your relationship sector over the weekend but to begin the first planetary activity on the relationship front since last August, the Moon wraps up its monthly visit to your communication sector. A day after the Sun left but with Saturn and Neptune staying on to keep the communication lines open, the Moon leaves you better able to wear your heart on your sleeve and with perfect timing.
As a realistic, grounded Capricorn, you're probably aware that perfection is an illusion. But try to bear that in mind if you look at your romantic or relationship circumstances, and see more that's lacking than what you can be grateful for or optimistic toward. Shortfalls with matters of the heart could distract you from where a genuine attitude of gratitude should exist and be nurtured.
With the dwarf planet Ceres leaving your career sector tomorrow and Mars your work sector over the weekend, there should be a lot more urgency than there is. While your two professional houses will both be empty by the end of the week, it won’t be for long and will be a chance to let things play out. While Mars will be keeping you busy, Ceres’ last full day in your career sector is more about understanding your professional needs and priorities.

Halfway in between the Moon’s departure from your income sector two days ago and Pluto’s return in two days, there is time to unpack a download of information. At the same time, this is giving you a better sense of where the money is during the dwarf planet Ceres’ last full day in your career sector and Mars’ final four days in your work sector. There is change afoot across the income, work and career fronts.

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