Pisces Weekly Forecast
At the very least, the Moon's return to your financial sector on Monday is a chance to begin the week with your financial instincts and imagination fuelled and feeling emotionally and intuitively engaged from the start. However, three days after the Sun turned the solar spotlight onto your financial situation and money matters, Monday's New Moon offers a chance for a reset and a fresh start. When the Sun returned on Friday Mercury had been here for four weeks but was just hours away from retrograding back out, giving you a smart head for money and 20/20 hindsight to draw on from the start. This has also seen Mercury retrograde back into your relationship sector, where as the planet of communication he is on hand to ensure the communication lines are open as Venus, the planet of money gets ready to leave on Thursday. Their alignment on Tuesday comes in the heart of a powerful few days across the communication, friendship and relationship fronts.
Even in ordinary times, with the Moon just leaving your relationship sector as we move into the new week this would ensure you are emotionally engaged from the start. While that is still the case, the timing couldn't be more important. Three days after the Sun left your relationship sector and Mercury, the planet of communication retrograded back in, the Moon is wrapping up its only visit while Venus, the planet of love is here. With Venus leaving on Thursday, this will not only make it easier to fully embrace her influence but has put your heart and gut on the same page. This will make it easier to express yourself when Venus and Mercury align on Tuesday, with the planets of love and communication coming together to give your relationships a voice while putting heart and mind on the same page. With Venus looking to the future but in retrograde motion with Mercury holding the doors to the past, this is a powerful chance for new beginnings and second chances.

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