Pisces Weekly Forecast
The Moon is always going to have a different impact at different times of the week, but this week they all seem to be a lot more significant. It starts on Monday, with the Moon not only aligned with the dwarf planet Ceres for the last time before she leaves your relationship sector but at odds with planets in Pisces while at a friendly aspect to those in your communication sector. As well as giving anything this might flush out a voice, this is helping with Ceres' mission to better understand your relationship needs and priorities. It is in the heart of the working week that the Moon will give you a better read on money matters, while adventurous lunar vibes from Thursday to Saturday will be a chance for some light relief before things come together across the income, work and career fronts over the weekend. This is thanks to the Moon's first visit to your career sector since Mars returned to your work sector and since Jupiter left your income sector being a Full Moon.
Starting the week with the Moon in your relationship sector is not only putting the focus on your relationships from the start, but a mix of influences have come together at the right time. It is on Monday that the Moon's clash with planets in Pisces might push some buttons as it puts a balance between your personal and relationship needs to the test, while a friendly aspect to planets on the communication front can give this a voice. It is the timing that makes this significant, for this last visit before the dwarf planet Ceres leaves your relationship sector is a chance for a deep dive into your relationship needs and priorities. Meanwhile, it is at the other end of the week the spirit of romance will get a boost when the Moon moves through an adventurous part of your chart from Thursday to Saturday. As the only visit while Venus, the planet of love is in your romantic sector this will bring the spirit of romance and adventure together.

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