Leo Weekly Forecast
There is a lot of movement and change this week and while that has been the case all month, with some significant shifts already, this not only peaks this week, but things settle into a new order after that. One of the biggest moves so far this month has been Saturn's return to your financial sector and by the Sun leaves on Tuesday you should have a good starting point as you begin a three year quest to take your financial power back. It is then that the Sun will return to your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery, as he does on the March equinox each year. Returning to find Mercury already working to turn your bucket list into a game plan and Jupiter in the final two months of a quest to broaden your horizons, this makes the Moon's return on Wednesday as a New Moon the perfect opportunity for new beginnings. However, this comes just as things are taking off on the career fronts, early in the year than is normally the case but in time to get the most out of Pluto's final days in your work sector before leaving on Friday.
The Moon has just left your relationship sector as we move into the new week, something that at any time would ensure you are emotionally engaged from the start. Yet while this was an ordinary monthly visit and the chance that you get every four weeks to check in, the timing has made this a lot more significant. For the first time since 2020 when the Moon returned over the weekend, it was to find no planetary activity after Saturn left earlier in the month. This first visit since a three year relationship boot camp ended was a chance to check in without any other agenda or purpose other than to listen to your emotional and intuitive responses. A friendly aspect to the dwarf planet Ceres, who will retrograde back out of your communication sector on Thursday was also a chance to give your emotional responses and relationships a voice. This has also been a chance to draw a new line in the sand ahead of Pluto's return on Friday, something that will usher in a new phase and an opportunity for change.

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