Capricorn Weekly Forecast
There is not only a lot of change in the heavens this week but with four planets on the move and four ending current partnerships and beginning brand new ones, this is changing the dynamics of the year itself. One of those planets is Mars, who until ending his seven month visit to your work sector over the weekend will be closely aligned with planets on the income and career fronts. Yet while this will leave behind plenty of momentum, as Mars returns to your relationship sector, he will not only shift his focus and a lot of his energy onto your relationships but will form a new partnership with Saturn, in his early weeks in your communication sector and the South Node in your friendship sector. Also on the move is Pluto, who will end his 15 year visit to Capricorn on Friday before returning to begin what will ultimately become a two decade long visit to your income sector. Before then, Pluto will have the support of Venus in her first full week in a playful and creative part of your chart and of the dwarf planet Ceres, who will return to an adventurous part on Thursday.
From out of the blue and at a time of year when you wouldn't normally expect any changes on either front, romantic and relationship matters are experiencing a surge. To start with this is only being felt on the romantic front with Venus, the planet of love spending her first full week in your romantic sector. This is two months earlier than Venus returned last year and with the Sun still a month away, this is giving the spirit of romance an early boost. With the asteroid Juno, the queen of commitment in the early weeks of her first visit in four years, she and Venus are part of an advance crew that is preparing the way for your luckiest year for love in over a decade, which begins in May. Meanwhile, it is over the weekend that your relationships will also get a boost, when held back by a retrograde phase Mars will finally return to your relationship sector. With no planetary activity on the relationship front since last August, this will give your relationships some much needed attention and with built in communication support from the start.

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