Aries Weekly Forecast
While this is a week of change and is continuing a month of change, the most significant for you will be the Sun's return to Aries on Tuesday. Your birthday month and new solar year will always begin on the March equinox, but rarely with the kind of head start that you have this year. Thanks to Venus' departure from Friday and Mercury's return over the weekend, you are moving into this new solar year with heart and mind on the same page from the start. For the first time in 12 years, the Sun returns to find Jupiter here and while a new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion began last May it is only now, in his final two months that he has the right resources and momentum. This makes the timing of the Moon's return on Wednesday for the first of two New Moons that will bookend your birthday month significant. This begins a new solar year and a new lunar cycle just as we move into a new astronomical year, with a New Moon that can give your new solar year the green light just as it catches the right wave.
By the time the Sun returns to Aries on Tuesday to begin your birthday month and new solar year Venus, the planet of love has already been and gone. The Sun will return four days after Venus left, with her romantic and relationship desires and expectations for the coming year still fresh while also baked in from the start. This is when the real journey begins, that of turning those desires into reality. Meanwhile, the focus is on communication this week and with a little help to flush things out. Both Mercury, who returned to Aries over the weekend and the Sun will both spend their early days clashed with the dwarf planet Ceres, just days away from retrograding back out of your relationship sector on Thursday. However, the timing couldn't be better, with a chance to flush out any issues before Mars leaves your communication sector over the weekend while giving Mercury, the planet of communication something to work with from the start.

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